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Shop - Giclees can be made different sizes, call or email for pricing. All editions are hand signed.
Shipping included.

Quaker Meadows (web).jpg

Rendezvous at Quaker Meadows


distant smoke.JPG


Distant Smoke
The Sacred Stone 16x20 (cover).jpg
Campaigning for Custer 20x30 (cover).jpg

"Hxxxeading 1"kkk

"Campaigning With Custer"

20 x 30 Canvas giclee print 


      " The Sacred Stone"

20 x 16 Canvas giclee print


The Warriors Road 16x20 (cover).jpg

"Cazzzzmpaigning With Custer"

Back to the Mountains.jpg

     "The Warrior's Road"

16 x 20 Canvas giclee print


"Back to the Mountains"

24 x 30 Canvas giclee print


Strength and Honor 48x48 (cover).jpg

        "Strength and Honor"

    30 x 30 Canvas giclee print


A Lawman This Way Comes.JPG

"A Lawman This Way Comes"

   33 x 28 Canvas giclee print


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