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                            "Joe Shoes"

        A crime novel now available on            Amazon Books in the literature and                        fiction section

 Available in paperback or as an eBook

Feeling dissatisfaction with his current situation in life and realizing that his dream of becoming a professional artist is as yet unattainable, Joe finds himself being drawn into his brother-in-law's exhilarating world. While enjoying the change of pace adventures  the Buccelli family offers, he continues to resist every temptation  to join in their criminal activities. That is until one day when Joe is offered the right bait. His brother-in-law, Rizzo, is confident that his request for Joe to store some stolen  merchandise  for a few days will not be refused this time. Other factors come into play, turning Joe's impulsive decision into a nightmare  that endangers his entire family and could lead to bringing down the wrath of his police captain father-in-law.


Joe's continuing story is revealed as he reminisces about past episodes with the Buccelli family, including near death experiences  and the very real chance of foreign incarceration. His continued association with Rizzo leads to entanglements  in a murder trial  and other complications  resulting  from his brother-in-law's criminal exploits. As Joe's art career advances, he must continually fend off Rizzo's intrusions, until at last he breaks off contact. But can he continue to resist temptation?


I believe people who are drawn to crime stories that include colorful characters, along with a dash of humor, will find this one enjoyable. 

                                  For a signed copy, Contact Richard

                            "Tomkins Falls"

                                30 x 40 0il

Thompkins Falls 30x40 (cover).jpg

                  Original in private collection

  Prints available  contact Richard  (502) 309- 0254

               "Always Vigilant"

                       28x40  oil     

  West Lives On gallery, Jackson, WY.

Always Vigilant 28x40 (cover) 2.jpg

          "Thinkin of Bedding Down"

                          20 x 30  oil

 Texas Treasures Gallery  Boerne Texas

thinkin of bedding down (2).JPG
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